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Pet-Friendly Perfection

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AMP Luxury Apartments
Pet-Approved Residences

Nestled in the heart of Louisville, AMP Luxury Apartments stands as an epitome of upscale living, where modernity meets comfort. What sets this community apart is its unwavering commitment to being exceptionally pet-friendly. With a philosophy that embraces the belief that pets are family, AMP Luxury Apartments takes pride in being a haven for pet lovers. Residents revel in the freedom to welcome pets of all breeds, as the community proudly imposes no breed restrictions.

For those seeking a place to call home with their furry companions, AMP Luxury Apartments provides an ideal setting. Residents can enjoy the company of up to two pets per apartment, ensuring that the community remains vibrant with the joyous presence of four-legged friends. The pet-friendly experience is enhanced by reasonable monthly pet rents—$35 for one pet and $50 for two. Additionally, residents can seamlessly integrate their pets into their upscale lifestyle with a nonrefundable pet fee of $300 for the first pet and $150 for the second, reflecting AMP Luxury Apartments' dedication to creating a truly welcoming environment for all residents and their beloved pets. Discover a life of luxury and companionship at AMP Luxury Apartments, where the blend of upscale living and a truly pet-friendly ethos creates an unparalleled experience for residents and their beloved furry friends in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky.

Fur-st Class Living

Our pet-friendly community with no breed restrictions offers the perfect downtown lifestyle for you and your pet.

 Pet Stations
 Stop by the leasing office for some paw-some treats for your furry friend!

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The Best Veterinary Care for Your Pet is Only Steps Away...

 Crescent Hill Animal Hospital | 0.4 miles
 Urban Village Vet | 0.7 miles
 Deck Veterinary Clinic | 0.8 miles
 Chenoweth Animal Hospital | 2.6 miles

A Bark-tacular City for Pet Lovers

Louisville warmly embraces its residents and their furry companions, boasting a pet-friendly atmosphere that permeates through its parks, trails, and vibrant community, making it a city where pets truly feel at home.

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